We unite industry leaders, decision-makers and innovation drivers to co-create digital solutions for the sustainable
built environment of the future.

A massive industry under pressure

Despite being the basis of our daily livelihoods, the construction, maintenance, use, and demolition of our built environment is one of the most important sectors from the perspective of resource consumption and waste generation.

The industry faces core challenges in need for solutions:

• Extreme under-digitization across the whole value chain
• New government imposed sustainability regulations
• Massive contribution to climate change
• Enormous waste production
• Giant consummation of natural and man-made resources
• Slow response capabilities to disruption
• Highly interdependent value chain processes


Looking into the future, corporates in the built environment have to think digital and rethink buildings in a rapid and consequent way, otherwise it will be hard to keep their businesses alive.

We are interviewing CEOs, executives, sustainability and innovation managers on:
• Key learnings from the impact of the Corona crisis
• How to improve supplier and customer relations after Corona (global value chain delays etc.)
• Actions to enable a digital and more sustainable built environment
• Challenges in preparing their business for massive disruption like climate change and digital innovation
• Opportunities for innovative co-creations with strong partners along the value chain

Fightback showcases how to embrace digitalization and how to overcome disruption.

Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman World Economic Forum

A short window of

The impact of the Corona crisis is a global wake-up call to all decision-makers in the industry, the governments, and the related ecosystems.

The crisis proves that extreme disruption can happen with enormous speed. We have now experienced what kind of procedures can be triggered and how resilient our current infrastructures and systems really are. We definitely have to improve to be prepared.

Climate change is real and it is our responsibility to do our best to prevent worst cases scenarios from happening. Especially the built environment and its vast contribution to climate change has to take action to not only protect its business. But we know that this is not easy.

This challenge is simply too big to be solved by one player alone.

That's why we believe in joint forces that align under a common mission to co-created the sustainable, decarbonized built environment of the future.

We follow a holistic approach

Following our mission, the Alliance's actions apply holistic approaches to combine economic, environmental and societal value creation to ensure lasting impact on a global level.

Together with our members and our partner network, we explore all potential angles of solutions including latest technologies, market trends, research activities, unprecedented merges of know-how and resources, as well as startup innovations from Circular Economy to Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, Green Technologies, Digital Twins to Building Information Modeling and Lean Construction methodologies.

Circular Economy



Industry 4.0


Our members along the value chain

We do what has not been done before. Because of this, why we can create solutions with a high chance of lasting impact, that are truly unique.

We invite primary stakeholders from the whole value chain to unleash an unprecedented collaboration potential.

Together, we drive Thought Leadership, co-organize Alliance Projects and co-create alliance-based digital Impact Ventures for industry-wide innovation.

Our results will provide far reaching solutions based on a unique merge of resources and know-how from our Alliance members and our extended partner network to drive spearhead the innovations needed for a better future.

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