Fightback delivers a stunning and convincing blueprint that will enable corporate leaders to use the digital economy to their advantage by leveraging three powerful, but little understood, strategic tools – platform business models, digital ventures and the special skills of tech entrepreneurs. Based on a sophisticated analysis, the book is a hands-on playbook for corporate renewal in an age of digitalisation

Released in January 2020

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Transform your
business model for the new economy

Digitalisation is disrupting business as usual at every major corporation. Trusted mindsets and existing traditional operating models are collapsing. Corporations are struggling to react to the Fourth Industrial Revolution by risking too little, too slowly – and your industry is up next! As leaders, we need to assume responsibility, act first, and sculpt the future in our vision with sustainable, clean, robust business models at the forefront

Platform Business Models

Corporate venturing with technology entrepreneurs through platforms is a proven and actionable proposition for new growth.

Digital Ventures

Our aim is to help develop scalable solutions to some of the greatest challenges of the next few years and to collaborate with established organisations to create new ventures that will have enduring value

Special Skills of Tech Entrepreneurs

By combining the power and expertise of long-established companies with the creative mindset and execution skills of tech entrepreneurs, hybrid business models can be created that protect the core business, while embracing a portfolio approach to launching new digital ventures




Simon is a senior adviser to boards and leadership teams, specializing in new growth strategies, business model transformation and digital platforms. As FoundersLane’s UK Managing Director, he works with corporates to create high-impact digital ventures. Simon is a member of the World Economic Forum’s executive working group on Digital Platforms and Ecosystems, chair of the Platform Economy Summit, a guest lecturer at Singularity University and a sought-after keynote speaker. His ongoing research studies the relationship between corporate business models and financial performance. He has an MA from Cambridge University and lives in London.



Felix started his entrepreneurial activities at the age of 16 and has since founded many successful start-ups and digital platforms, including KochAbo eventually (acquired by Marley Spoon) and FoundersLane, which has successfully built ven- tures in the energy, manufacturing, packaging, construction, financial services and healthcare sectors. As an adviser and mentor, he has supported many digital companies and advised international organizations from the European Commission and the World Bank to the United Nations. He has also invested, as a business angel, in companies in the areas of AI, blockchain and 3D printing. Felix is a member of the World Economic Forum’s Digital Leaders board. He studied in Germany, the US and Asia and is now based in Vienna and Berlin.


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